Monday, January 21, 2013

Legacy of Courage

Tonight, I sat down and began to write about how sick and tired I am of rude people. Earlier, I posted on Facebook about the nasty cold bug that is probably taking up residence in my nasal passage at this very moment…I also joined a discussion about how unfair doctors’ office practices are…and then…I saw it, an announcement that stopped me in my tracks.

A beautiful lady that I have known since kindergarten lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer 2 days ago.

For five and a half years she fought with everything she had. Through chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries she soldiered on, battling the disease while continuing to raise her family. A much stronger woman than I could *ever* hope to be, she gave everything she had until there was nothing left - and then she gave more.

This courageous lady has left an indelible mark upon the lives she touched while she lived among us on this Earth. She has given us an example to follow and a goal to strive for.

Her two gorgeous babies and wonderfully supportive husband will go forward knowing that they have a  wealth of wonderful memories that she worked diligently to create for them - her legacy.

Sinuses , finances and the rude people of this world don’t matter much when compared to the loss of a fellow human being.
There are much bigger things in life.

Family. Friends. Love. Joy.
“I love you”
“You are special to me”
“Thank you”

All those things have far more worth and resonate more deeply within our spirits than all the rest jumbled together.

I have opened my eyes - yet again - and realized the folly of my thinking.

Thank you, Michelle, for showing us what it means to really LIVE! For teaching us how to “Be the Bee”!

Rest in Peace
Michelle Lake

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  1. A lovely tribute to a beautiful woman.