Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sometimes...it's the little things.

Today I did a little happy dance at my desk - my son called to tell me that the guy who comes around and paints the reflective house numbers on the curb is coming through our neighborhood tomorrow. A couple years ago he came through and left fliers on everyones' doors. I checked the appropriate boxes and (per instructions) put the flier and money out for him to collect - but, somehow, he missed me. I had selected the American Flag design to go with the house number and was excited to see it along with the bright, fresh numbers (the existing one is so faded it's invisible in the dark) when I got home that day...but it wasn't there. I was sad.

Tomorrow I get a second chance. This time I will place the flier and money in a much more obvious location - so he can't miss it! Finally, we will have a visible identifier for our home with an American Flag painted along side it. This makes me very happy!

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