Friday, April 20, 2012

Stairs Suck!

I fell down the stairs last week. Yep. Fell right on my ass and totally screwed up my right foot – specifically the big toe on my right foot. It happened really fast, but I’m fairly certain that what happened was that my foot (I was wearing socks) slipped off one step onto the next. This threw me off balance and down I went. When my foot came to rest my big toe was bent under and as I fell it rolled under. I also banged up my back, rear end and arms, but my foot hurt the worst. It hurt so much I was dripping sweat and panting (think Lamaze type breathing) trying to keep myself from passing out. Then the nausea kicked in. All three of my men (my OH and 2 sons) had come running at the sound (I can only imagine how my journey down the stairs sounded to them) and I immediately let them know *I* was ok but my foot was not. Then I asked for a bucket – I felt sick. After some time I realized that I needed to figure out how to get off the stairs and somehow get to the car so that OH could take me to the emergency room.

Upon arrival at the ER I asked OH to get a wheelchair from inside the door since using the crutches my son had retrieved from the garage so I could get to the car was NOT happening again (I suck at crutches. No, really, I do).  He did but was mumbling about “Great, my GF is going to tell them she ‘fell down the stairs’ fabulous.”  I registered at the front desk. The RN took one look at my already swollen and bruising foot and said “I am ordering an xray for you right now.” Sigh. Duh.

The ER was not super busy (thank goodness) and I was being examined within about a half hour. The final verdict was “severe sprain”. Oh, yay. I’ve had sprains before…they hurt like a mutha and take WEEKS to heal. The ER doc prescribed some pain meds and gave me a fancy “walking boot” to wear and told me to stay home, elevate my foot and let it heal. I have obeyed like a good girl.

It has been 9 days since I fell. I still can’t put weight on my foot, the initial bruising is healing but new bruises have appeared in the last 24 hours. I followed up with my regular doctor 5 days after the ER (per instruction) and she extended the “stay off that foot” another week. SIGH. Fine.

So, here I sit. Foot elevated, obediently taking my prescribed anti-inflammatory medications and “staying off” my foot. It doesn’t seem to be getting better. I can’t drive, I can’t cook (since that requires standing in the kitchen) or do most of the things I usually do in daily life. This sucks!!! Stupid stairs.

I hate stairs. 

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