Thursday, July 26, 2012


Can’t think of anything to write about…again. Either there’s nothing there or I’m being incredibly lazy. 

I’m leaning toward “lazy”

It seems I would much rather just sit here watching a movie that I’ve already seen and let my brain turn to mush than force it to formulate something witty to post on this blog.

Basically, I am coming up with excuses…too tired, my foot hurts, have the whole weekend to write, worked hard today, blah, blah, blah….instead of blogging.

Too lazy to think of something creative and yummy to cook for dinner as well – so I had some of the potato salad that I made last night…then I steamed the corn-on-the-cob that we bought last weekend (before it goes bad) and had that too (there may be some butter smudges on my keyboard - I'll have to check that later).

While I was making my “dinner” I spent some time chatting with Emma…our black lab…as she attentively watched me wander around the kitchen.

I asked her why I couldn’t come up with anything fantabulous to write about - Emma didn’t really have much to say about that – she just blinked her sad, blinky, Lab eyes at me and licked her chops while glancing in the general direction of my plate.

Pretty sure she was hoping I’d drop something that she could scarf up…I didn’t – so I just gave her a bite. 

The waggy tail led me to believe she was grateful… now she’s whining for more. 

She’s not really supposed to be eating “people food.” Oops. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the blinky, sad Lab eyes.

After eating my make-shift meal (and hollering at Emma to quit whining already!) I decided: enough is enuff! I promised myself that I would stop making excuses and just write. 

Maybe...just maybe...if I simply start writing down random stuffs a blog post will magically appear…and guess what?! It worked! =)

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