Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gonna Leave a Mark

We went shooting today.

Target shooting waaaay out in the country on my Hunny’s Aunt’s land.

I’m a decent shot…but today, I made a stupid error in hand position and ended up with wads of tissue and a paper towel wrapped around my left thumb to stop a fresh ‘slide bite’ from bleeding. Such an idiot.

The injury to my ego was more painful than the wound itself.

Damn thing bled and bled…I could NOT figure out why it wouldn’t stop bleeding…and then I remembered… I have been taking a baby aspirin every day for about three months (because of the injury to my foot). Dammit!

Eventually got the bleeding stopped, created a fresh “field dressing” and got back to the shootin’.

The paper target I was aiming at is officially dead.

When we got back to where we are staying I realized just how sore my dang thumb is gonna be. Freaking ow!

Removed the make-shift dressing, washed my hands, poured perioxide over the wound (EEEEEEOOOOOW!) then sealed it with liquid bandage (that shit stings BTW) before using a butterfly to hold it together (sometimes being a nurse comes in "handy").

About the time I needed to open the jar of liquid bandage I realized that I use my left thumb a helluva lot more than I realized. Actually, I tend to use both hands to complete many tasks throughout the day. *SIGH* (Luckily, I use my right thumb for the space bar and, therefore, can type with relatively no pain *wink*.)

Needless to say my Hunny has earned some serious points this evening!

He has helped me with a ton of little things that elicited a sharp intake of breath or a muttered “Ouch dammit!” Helped me secure a glove over my hand so I could shower without compromising my new dressing and helped me wash the grit and gunpowder off too!

He even washed my hair! *Happy SIGH*

Yep! Definitely keeping him!

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