Thursday, January 19, 2012

Challenge Book Update

As an avid reader I started this challenge feeling certain I could "quite easily" meet the goal of fifty books before the end of the year. First book? Piece of cake. Second book? Not-so-much. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card turned out to be more trying than anticipated. Science Fiction is not my usual genre. There were moments when I thought I might never get to the end. 

About half-way through the book I had a thought: when was this book written? I can't tell you why this question popped into my head - it just did. Turning back to the copyright page I saw the original copyright year of 1977. WHAT?! That can't be right! How can this book be filled with so many familiar (to me) things if they didn't even exist when it was written?!?!?! Suddenly - this was a very interesting story!

How could Mr. Card write about portable "desks" (touch pad technology) with "the nets" and "logging off" and "messages marching across" the screen of the desk, what amounted to ebooks and email...not to mention "discussion groups" on "the nets" for any number of topics?!?! Spooky I tell you! Down right spooky! 

The story itself is pretty amazing. Concepts about space travel, altering time and its perception, war with extraterrestrial beings and virtual reality games. There was even an "instant communication transmission" system...I'm sure this was a novel idea in 1977. A way to "transmit" documents, videos, news and more - a necessity of daily life for us now. 

Ender's Game was an adventure...I'm glad I read it. Apparently, it's being made into a movie for 2013 - I might have to go see it for next year's challenge! 

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  1. I was so scared when I first started reading your review! I don't know anyone who didn't like Ender's Game, even if they don't like scifi. It's like the gateway book! Glad you liked it after the first hurdle!