Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not So Fly

Actual conversation with my 14-year-old son…this past weekend, in the car, while driving to the store to buy him some clothes – because he has outgrown every single thing in his dresser!

14yo: YES! Gonna get me some fly threads!

Me: Excuse me?

14yo: Yup! Gonna be some fly threads…like a G6!

Me: Hey buddy! We are on a budget here. You might have to settle for something a bit less…a G3 perhaps?

14yo: MOM!! Really? *groan*

Me: Yes, really…unless you have a job and some cash hidden away somewhere I don’t know about.

14yo: FINE! (folds arms across chest and exhales dramatically) What about G4?

Me: Nope. G3.

14yo: How about G3 ½??

Me: Dude! You will wear what I buy for you.

14yo: G3 ½?

Me: What is this?

14yo: I’m negotiating…like on Pawn Stars.

Me: (facepalm) Great! Well, it’s not going to work.

14yo: ARGH! Fine mom. G3. You don’t love me.

Yes, my boy! That is definitely it! I obviously do not love you – at all! In fact, I spend hours of my free time thinking of ways to show the world exactly how much I do not love you. For example, by purchasing new clothing for you and forcing you to leave the house bathed, with brushed teeth and wearing clean/presentable clothing…sigh. Yes, definitely it. I do not love you! SIGH!! You big (literally, because you are taller than me) dork!

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