Saturday, June 23, 2012

WHOA! Creepy!

I tend to have lengthy conversations, with myself – in my head.

Under most circumstances I do not consider myself ADD, however, during these internal chats I tend to jump around a lot.

Last night my Hunny and I were in the kitchen making roast beef sandwiches for dinner (was too lazy to cook anything - what with all the vacation prep I’ve been doing). I asked him to get out the condiments he wanted on his sandwich (already had mine out on the counter). He handed me the mustard and I said “Ick. Are you sure this is all you want?” (I am not much of a plain mustard fan – especially on a cold RB sandwich). Hun’s response was “I don’t understand why you don’t like mustard and its yummy goodness.” I just shrugged.

Then the internal rant began while I assembled the sammiches:
Mustard isn’t all bad. Sometimes I like mustard on my hamburgers – if I’m in the mood for it. In fact, the last time we are at The Lake I had mustard on my burger and it was good. The Lake! I am so glad we are going there again this summer. I wonder how many times we’ll have burgers this year? I wonder if the grill has a full propane tank? If not we can just go out to eat…mmmmm clam chowder in New England…Hey, we can have go to that lobster place too…good thing lobster isn’t as expensive there as it is here cuz I’m gonna want to have it a few times while we are there…ugh but the boyz are coming this year…and that other extra person…ugh…I wonder if she is going to have the cash for the eating out portion of the trip…

Then, out loud, I said:
“That’s going to be so awkward.”

And Hunny said:
“I know, I wonder if she’s thought of that part.”

Me: “Huh?!”

Hun: “Cash for extra stuff. Hope she has some cuz we don’t.”

I just stood there. Stunned. Silent. Hun stared back and eventually asked me WTF was my problem.

Me: “How the fuck did you know what I was thinking about?”

Hun: “Dunno. I mean, really, we’ve been together for a long time – even when we weren’t together we were ‘together' (more on that later).So, yeah…I know what you are thinking.”

Me: *snort* “Uh huh? Ok…but that was just…creepy!”

And, with that, he took his sandwich and walked away.

I just stood there…still a bit stunned. How in THE HELL had he known exactly what I was thinking about? All I said was it would be awkward – the rest of the “conversation” took place in my head.

OMG!! Is he like Sookie? Can he hear my thoughts?!?! SHIT! I hope not…cuz if that’s the case he knows way too much! Crap! 

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  1. My husband and I do that quite often and it STILL freaks me out.
    There are some studies out there that I remember from back in the first-round-of-college days that had something to do with being able to predict a person's thoughts based on how well you know the person, the non-verbal cues she's got going on, and such. Supposedly, this type of thing would be really easy to do if we all just paid attention. However, because we don't pay attention and information just filters in on its own, it's super creepy when someone reads your mind. :)