Saturday, June 23, 2012

This Much is True

The first time I danced with my Hunny I was 13 and he was 14. The song was “True” by Spandau Ballet and we were in my friend Patty’s back yard – it was an 8th grade graduation party. Our first kiss happened when we were both 15 (took him long enough!).

Our relationship was on-again-off-again over the course of a couple years during high school. I broke up with him for the last time my junior year because there was a boy at school I liked – and my Hunny, it seemed, was always on restriction – we never, ever got to see each other.

I saw him again – in passing – when I was 21, married and a new mom. I was Christmas shopping at Target – he was the front-end manager there. We said a brief hello then he had to get back to work.

Fast forward a bunch of years (about 20). No longer married and exploring the world of social media I did a search for him on Facebook. Of course, since his name happens to be very common there were a gazillion matches. I looked through several pages before I gave up – no one looked like the boy I remembered.

Then it happened. One morning as I settled into work I got a notification on my smart phone that I had a new friend request on FB…it was him!! I let out an audible squeal followed by a too-loud-for-work “No fucking way!!” He looked EXACTLY the same. Of course, I immediately clicked on “accept” and sent a message that said “NO WAY! How the heck have you been?!” He answered an hour or so later.


I danced with My Hunny again when we were both 40 – we were in my kitchen and the song was “True” by Spandau Ballet. When we kissed again, after so many years, it was exactly as we remembered – I wondered aloud how it was possible that he even "tasted" the same.

It is as if our love was always there – waiting for us to reconnect – as if our souls were connected even when our bodies were apart. Perhaps we had lessons we had to learn before we could be happy together. Corny? Maybe.

So what - it feels real to us. I read a book once where the souls of two lovers found each other in every manifestation of their lives – no matter what the time period – and they always recognized each other…maybe that’s how it is with my Hunny and me?

Doesn’t matter either way…he loves me more than cake =)


  1. So sweet. I love it. Me and my hubby were in the same place at the same time for years and years before we met. But when we met, the time was right and we will be together forever. ;) Real love stories are always the best.

    1. We always lived within about 10 miles of each other, paths crossing all the time but never connecting - the universe knows exactly when the time is right =) The phrase "soul mates" comes to mind.